Market-Informed Impact®

Being Informed Makes a Difference

The education market is a fractured network of public and private processes and funding. The typical market signals which drive other industries are scrambled and difficult to interpret.

As a result, the solutions that work best for our most vulnerable students are not getting to them.

We are left with questions that must be answered: Why don’t effective solutions scale? Why don’t they reach the kids who need them? What can make education companies more scalable and sustainable?

We believe the solutions to these challenges can be found through using Market-Informed Impact®.

Market-Informed Impact® is EdSolutions’ unique framework to help education leaders use market knowledge to make better decisions about instructional materials on behalf of students.

While academic research focuses solely on the measurable outcomes of instructional approaches, Market-Informed Impact® adds the dynamics of the market into that research, including supply, demand and those who enable the uptake of solutions.