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Market Ecosystem Map

Market Ecosystem Maps are the essential tool for understanding how market dynamics empower investors to make better decisions to improve education for underserved students.

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Those who are looking to make, expand, or revamp strategic investments in specific education segments (e.g., professional learning, subject and grade-level supplements, Science of Reading).

Market Ecosystem Maps offer a comprehensive and clear 360-degree view of an educational market. They provide insights that can help drive and accelerate impact by revealing, confirming, and anticipating where market dynamics are at play. EdSolutions’ team of researchers, market experts, and analysts use Ecosystem Map to peel back the market landscape and show how supply, demand, and education enablers interact. By doing so, they identify where investment and support can most likely move the needle for underserved students.

Ecosystem Map can help answer the following questions:

  • How big is the existing market?
  • How is it expected to change over the next few years?
  • Who are the buyers in this market?
  • What are the factors that drive purchasing decisions?
  • What are the main dimensions of competition (e.g., price, efficacy, ease of use, ease of compliance with policy mandates, PD, systems integration etc.)?

Grantee Support

EdSolutions offers a variety of market-informed technical assistance programs for grantees who are focused on building scale and sustainability in their specific market segments.

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Those who are looking to provide additional & focused market support of grantees through cohorts, expert coaching & individualized business planning.

At EdSolutions, we are experts in helping organizations increase and accelerate their impact using market-informed strategies. Our team of experts specializes in business and go-to-market planning, but more importantly, we focus on building your organization’s capacity for scale, success and sustainability. We offer Grantee Support through three programs, each customized to support the scale and sustainability of high potential grantees.

  • Why Markets Matter Cohort Learning Experience: EdSolutions navigates cohorts of grantees over the course of several months through the complex education market using our unique Market-Informed Impact® model. Through diagnostic assessments, webinars, workshops, resources, and one-on-one coaching, we help organizations achieve scalable growth while simultaneously building their capabilities in business and go-to-market planning.
  • Scale & Sustainability Planning Program: For those seeking individualized strategic engagements, we offer 8, 10, and 12-week options focused on building scale and sustainability. Our deliverables include Growth & Sustainability Plans, Market Entry Recommendations, Product & Market Development Plans, and Go-to-Market Plans.
  • Market Landscapes Program: Knowing your market enables you to impact your market. That’s why our Market Landscapes Program provides essential insights into specific market segments, including market sizing, supply and demand criteria, and identifying the enablers who could influence uptake and implementation of products and services.

With EdSolutions expertise and our customized programs approach, you can feel confident that your organization will increase your impact and achieve its goals.

Curated Product Demos

Deepen understanding of real-world customer & user needs by discovering, exploring & understanding leading & innovative products through a market lens.

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Those looking to authentically understand customer needs & market leading product features.

Curated Product Demos provide clients with valuable insights into market leading and cutting-edge products. Product demos are live, interactive, and have immersive Q&A sessions with market experts, gaining a market-informed understanding of the product offerings within a particular market segment.

Program Officer Support

EdSolutions’ Why Markets Matter for Impact professional learning helps program officers and investors increase their impact by understanding & enacting market-informed strategies

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Program & Senior program officers (& selected staff) who support grantees focused in education.

Program Officer Support helps philanthropies navigate the education market by building the capacity of their program officers to increase and accelerate their impact using market-informed strategies and EdSolutions’ expertise.

EdSolutions offer a range of programs, including customized cohorts, convenings, workshops, retreats, and coaching, all designed to guide your program officers in making more impactful investments for underrepresented students.

Strategic Consulting

Using a framework of market-informed impactTM, EdSolutions assists investors in embedding market dynamics into their strategic planning.

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Impact investors who are focused on supporting innovation and delivering measurable impact in the education sector.

Let EdSolutions help improve your organization’s strategies and implementation methods, resulting in significant impact and financial sustainability. Utilizing our Market-Informed Impact ® approach, our team assists clients in harnessing market forces, such as procurement, public-private partnerships, market development and thought leadership to maximize impact and attain their objectives. We equip our partners with the necessary tools, insights, context and understanding to achieve meaningful impact and sustainability.